"New" Europe and Challenges of Sustainable Development

The 2nd PhD Students´ International Conference - "New" Europe and Challenges of Sustainable Development was organized under the auspices of Mrs. Brigita Schmögnerová, Vicepresident of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Developement, President of Proforum – Progressive Forum.

The main aim of the conference was to create a forum for presentation of expert works and discussion between advanced doctoral students (PhD.) from Slovakia, EU Member States and other countries. On these grounds, other goal of the conference was to build a platform for a debate on a broad specter of contemporary social, economic and cultural issues. Professional background of the conference was guaranteed by the participation of senior reputable Slovak and foreign experts, chairing the respective panels. The profile of each panel was determined by the professional orientation and quantity of participating doctoral students.

Call for Papers 2008 

Application Questionnaire